Tennâge Wood Veneer Sheets

Tennâge® is the patented, new flexible and durable wood veneer sheets which make it possible to sew and form in just about any shapes. They are water and UV resistant, plus, environmentally friendly using Eco-conscious resins and utilizing wood remnants. They can be utilized for various uses such as producing handbags, fashion accessories, stationery, or attaching to computer hardware, interiors for automobiles, architectural buildings, home furnishing and much more.

Product made by Tennâge®

iPhone Case

iPhone case with Tennâge® iPhone case made by Tennâge®. Our partner company in Japan made iPhone case by Tennâge®. It is sold from original brand, “higgie”.

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Concept of Tennâge® wood veneer sheets

Beauty and Richness of Real Wood = Tennâge® is real wood veneer!
Technology = Tennâge® is patented technology!
Eco-Consciousness = Tennâge® is green product!
More Flexibility and More Possibilities = Tennâge® is flexible and durable enough for...
Bent & Curved : Tennâge® wood veneer sheets
Curved and sharp bent designs
Tennâge® wood veneer sheets
Repeat bending and folding
Lazer Cut : Tennâge® wood veneer sheets
Laser cuts and stretching
3D form with vacuum press : Tennâge® wood veneer sheets
3D form with vacuum press
Sewing and stitching : Tennâge® wood veneer sheets
Sewing and stitching
Wrapping around thin pipes : Tennâge® wood veneer sheets
Wrapping around thin pipes

Technology of Tennâge® wood veneer sheets

Our patented technology made it possible to make wood veneer itself flexible and durable. Therefore, Tennâge® wood veneer is paper-thin, flexible and durable for many uses while enjoying the beauty and richness of the color and grains of real woods.

Tennâge® wood veneer sheets is registered and patented.
US Patent No.: US6,936,351 B2

Advantages of Tennâge® wood veneer sheets

Compare the differences!
Tennâge® Wood VeneersExisting Thin Veneers
0.2mm… The thinnest veneer on the market!
Thin enough to transmit light.
Not thin enough to transmit light.
Crack Resistant… Flexible and durable enough for folding and repeat bending.Easily cracks, breaks and flakes when being folded or bent.
Can be sawn or stitched.No way of sewing or stitching.
Water-resistant.Non water-resistant.
Less color fade to sun and time.Color fades under sun and time goes by.
More applications and use.Limited use.
Recycling leftover wood remnants to be environmentally conscious.Not environmentally conscious.
Tennâge® Wood VeneersImitations-Plastics, Films and Papers
Real wood and 100% natural… No plastics or films are used to keep its natural color and texture.Not real wood… Can’t compare with the beauty and richness of real wood.
Eco-friendly.Not Eco-friendly.

Eco-Consciousness of Tennâge® wood veneer sheets

Environmentally Friendly and 100% Natural

Many trees are cut down for the use of building and home furnishing materials. Deforestation is one of the environmental issues that we are currently facing. Therefore, our main concerns were saving resources, being ecological and recycling while developing Tennâge® wood veneer.

After making and processing woods, leftover lumbers and pieces are disposed of. We have succeeded in developing Tennâge® wood veneer by recycling these remnants. For example, five thousands square meters of wood veneer sheets are available from only one cubic meter of waste lumber.

Another concern for Tennâge® wood veneer is keeping it all 100% natural material. Most softeners and glues are composed of chemicals such as synthetic resins. However, we succeeded in using biocompatible natural resin to make the wood itself soft and flexible by penetrating it into grains and pores of wood. Also, this biocompatible natural resin which is penetrated into the surface of the wood veneer sheets works as a glue to attach the backing materials.

Therefore, Tennâge® are real wood veneer sheets made from 100% natural materials. They are recycled and environmentally friendly products. When they are burned or decomposed in the ground, no harmful chemicals are created thus they are ecologically safe products.

Tennâge® flexible wood veneer sheets are the alternative to the existing wood veneers, paper-woods, film-woods, etc… perfect as the green building material.

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Applications of Tennâge® Wood Veneer Sheets

Since Tennage is thin enough to transmit light, yet flexible and durable enough to fold, bend, and sew, it is used for lighting products, electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones, handbags, stationeries, and much more.
Products made by Tennâge®

Tennage Sample:Wireless Phone
Wireless Phone
Limited Laptop/Notebook PC with Tennâge®
Laptop Computer
Tennage Sample:Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad
Tennage Sample:Book Binding
Book Binding
Tennage Sample:Roller Window Shade
Roller Window Shade
Tennage Sample:Handbag

Wood List and Images of Tennâge® Wood Veneer Sheets

Wood Images of Tennâge® Wood Veneer Sheets
Wood List and Images

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