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iPod Cases with Ki-ori Tennâge iPod Cases with Ki-ori Tennâge

Introducing new iPod® cases made by the world’s first woven wood textile, “Ki-ori Tennâge”! There are three different sizes for iPod touch, iPod classic, and iPod nano 3rd in two different wood species, Silverheart and Ebony. There are four color variations for iPod nano 3rd in Ebony. Sold in Japan only.

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woven wood Ki-ori Tennâge is a woven textile made by Tennâge®. We slit Tennâge® into 2 millmeter pieces, and weave it with the method of the traditional Japanese woven textile, “Kyoto-Nishijin-ori”. The beauty of real wood and the art of Japanese tradition met and created Ki-ori Tennâge.

In another word, Ki-ori Tennâge is a Tennâge® woven into textile with “Kyoto Nishijin-Ori” technique.

What is “Kyoto Nishijin-ori”?

The root of Kyoto Nishijin-ori goes back to some 1,200 years ago (AD794). It was weaved as an extremely luxurious textile for the Imperial court nobles. The art of Nishijin-ori flourished, supported by the patronage of both the Imperial court and great Samurai lords. The weavers also continued to adapt to new technology. Today, you can see the art of Kyoto Nishijin-ori as the beautiful Japanese Kimono textile.

A Luxurious Material

Tennâge® is the patented wood veneer combined with the nature and the latest technology. “KYOTO-NISHIJIN-ORI” is the unique method of woven textile in KYOTO, JAPAN. It is a real art of the tradition that Japan has been proud of for over ten centuries. In every aspect of nature, ecology minded, technology, art, and tradition, Ki-ori Tennâge is an extremely luxurious material.

Amazing Technology

Ki-ori Tennâge is the first woven wooden fabric/textile in the world. We slit Tennâge® flexible wood veneer into 2 millimeter pieces to use it as a vertical thread. Horizontal thread can be silk, cotton, polyester or any other materials. By using Tennâge® as a vertical thread, we can weave wider fabric/textile with an automatic high-speed machine, making it much quicker. Therefore, we can mass-produce it at a reasonable price.

Unique Variations

By changing the material, color and size of the horizontal thread, Ki-ori Tennâge can have a different look even when using the same wood species.

Ki-ori Tennâge

Ki-ori Tennâge is a textile, so it comes in a roll. The width is 1 meter (approximately 39”) and the length can be as long as you want.

Ki-ori Tennâge for iPod®

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