Tennâge Wood Veneer Sheets

The alternatives to the existing wood veneers, paper-woods, film-woods, etc…
perfect as a green building material!

As our society, technology and science progress more and more, we have been finding out more clearly that the world is slowly winding down. Yet, our society requires industries to grow, and building and furnishing industries are the essential industries for our lives. Building and furnishing industries always need materials, and wood can’t be eliminated from building materials. As a producer of innovative wood products, our commitment is contributing to our society by producing eco-conscious, green related products and materials.

Q1.  Does the concept of Tennâge® wood veneer sheets sound as perfect as a green building material?

Beauty and Richness of Real Wood  Tennage® wood veneer sheets
More Flexibility = More Possibilities

Q2.  How is Tennâge® Eco-conscious? (Reason 1)
Why is Tennâge® a good green building material?
Tennâge® vs Existing veneers

Recycling or Deforestation?

Rabbit Animation Deforestation is one of the environmental issues that we are currently facing; yet many trees are cut down for the use of architectural building and home furnishing materials. The concept of Tennâge® flexible wood veneer sheets is “Eco-Consciousness”, meaning saving resources and recycling leftover wood remnants. We can* utilize leftover wood remnants when we make Tennâge® flexible wood veneer sheets.

After making and processing wood, leftover lumbers and pieces are disposed of. We can* recycle these wood remnants to produce Tennâge® flexible wood veneer sheets. For example, five thousand square meters of wood veneer sheets are available from only one cubic meter of waste lumber.

This is one of the reasons why making Tennâge® flexible wood veneer sheets a good green building material.

* Tennâge® is not made by 100% recycled wood remnants. We can recycle wood remnants which is large enough to make 3’ x 6’ Tennâge® sheets.

Q3.  How is Tennâge® Eco-conscious? (Reason 2)
Why is Tennâge® a green building material?
Tennâge® vs Laminated veneer, fake wood, etc.…

100% Natural or Chemical?

Tennâge® is 100% natural! Most softeners and glues are composed of chemicals such as synthetic resins. However, we use only biocompatible natural resins to make the wood itself soft and flexible by penetrating it into grains and pores of wood. Also, this biocompatible natural resin, which is penetrated into the surface of the wood veneer sheets, works as a glue to attach the backing materials. The backing material is also a non-woven natural fabric. No plastics, films or chemical laminations are used. When it is burned or decomposed in the ground, no harmful chemicals are emitted. Non-toxic, Non-VOCs… 100% Natural and environmentally friendly!

This is another reason why making Tennâge® flexible wood veneer sheets a good green building material.

Q4.  Why Tennâge® wood veneer sheets is a perfect green building material?

More Possibilities or Limited?

Tennâge® flexible wood veneer sheets is real wood veneer sheets made from 100% natural materials. It is recycled and environmentally friendly. It is the thinnest veneer on the market, thin enough to transmit light! Yet, it’s flexible and durable enough to form into just about any shapes. It is also more water and UV resistant than regular veneers. Tennâge® flexible wood veneer sheets can be used in a range of applications, from architecture to furniture and lighting accessories. It’s truly a perfect green building material!

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