Tennâge Wood Veneer Sheets

Special Advantages of Tennâge®

Why is Tennâge® suitable for electronic appliances?

Stable to Temperature and Humidity = Crack-Resistant!

Regular wood veneers change their size depending on the temperature and humidity. Wood veneers expand when it gets warm and humid while shrinking when it gets cold and dry. This size change in temperature and humidity causes wood veneers to crack.

Tennâge® is more stable to temperature and humidity than any other existing wood veneers on the market. Therefore, the size change is minimal, meaning crack-resistant!

Appling polycarbonate film to Tennâge® increases this stability of size (stable to temperature and humidity). Plus, it makes it longer lasting. Furthermore, applying a finish coat to Tennâge® increases its water resistance and durability.

Limited Laptop/Notebook PC with Tennâge® Wireless Phone with Tennâge®

Natural in Color

Tennâge® is more “color-fade-resistant” than any other wood veneer. But, it still changes color as the years go by, since it is real wood. But all natural materials changes color like leather. Leather changes its color as the years go by, which actually makes the leather look richer. In the same way, real wood veneer darkens its color as time goes by, making it look richer. This color change is natural, and actually is the advantage of natural material.

Rose Tennâge® Wood Veneer Sheet Birdseye Tennâge® Wood Veneer Sheet

Natural in Smell and Feel

While most of other wood veneers use a film or chemical resins, Tennâge® remains natural. You can smell and feel natural wood. Within man-made, plastic, and metallic electric appliance world, products with Tennâge® will be the first electric appliance from which you can actually smell and feel nature.

Tennâge® is real wood veneer, not a fake printed film or paper. Therefore, each electronic piece made by Tennâge® will have a one-of-a-kind wood grain and color, making it truly a one-of-a-kind product!

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