Tennâge Wood Veneer Sheets

Panasonic Lampshades

Tennāge® thin flexible wood veneer has been used as a lighting material by Panasonic in Japan for over the past four years. It has been proved by its quality test that Tennāge® is the best wood veneer to be used for lighting products. While other wood veneers start cracking after a few years as a result of repeat expanding and shrinking (veneer expands when light is on because it gets warm, then, it starts shrinking when the light is off because it cools down.), Tennāge® remains as a crack resistant veneer.

Pendant - Panasonic Lampshade - Tennāge Wood Veneer Sheets
Maple-Ring - Panasonic Lampshade - Tennāge Wood Veneer Sheets

These lampshades are sold in Japan by Panasonic.

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